ESTHER’S STORY. (Shortened)

I was born into a Muslim family, I was merely existing and not living. We were all Muslims but God had awesome plans for my family of which I remain grateful.

Before I met God, I lived in a lot of fear, and I also faced depression and approval addiction. I was addicted to pornography and masturbation due to premature exposure to sexuality as a child. I also had a very low self esteem.

I knew there was something inside of me but due to fear and all my other problems I felt really caged, I wasn’t able to stand for myself because I cared too much about people’s opinion of me.

I felt stuck, rejected and unloved, I knew I needed help but I didn’t know how to go about it because I was scared of being rejected.

But this merciful God was working out my salvation plan through my sister  especially.

God brought me to Abuja (Nigeria) 2013 for the Christmas holiday and on the 31st of December (2013)at a cross over service the preacher (Bishop David Oyedepo)  talked about complete freedom in Christ, he said that Jesus Christ could save me from illnesses, pain, depression and whatever it is I was going through. I was helpless but I believed the Preacher, I had nothing to lose really. What was the worst that could happen?

But it was best thing happened to me and the best day of my life. I responded to the altar call, and God showed me that he loves me despite my filthiness, imperfection, rejection, dirtiness and every single thing I hated about God accepted a filthy sinner, unworthy of His love and even dying for me on the cross, that is true love. You know, you might think you can get love from a person or an addiction but the only place you can find love is in God. After I accepted God, He brought me all the way from Nigeria to this country so I can serve Him, he helped me with my addictions and today I can say I am completely free from masturbation and pornography. I am still a work in progress, a mere lump of clay in His beautiful hands.


Esther newest.jpg

God loves you no matter how much you have sinned! No matter how dirty, ugly, smelly or filthy you think you are God still wants a relationship with you. He doesn’t condemn you, He wants you, and he thinks you’re beautiful no matter how ugly or imperfect you think you are. God calls you beautiful! The bigger a mess you think you are the better it is for Jesus because He wants to show the world how much He can beautify you and give you a colourful future.

I dare you to say this prayer, because I know that there’s an atom of belief in you that the story above is true,

Lord Jesus, I totally surrender all that I am to you, I give you everything, my imperfection, my sins because I believe you died to set me free, I confess you as my Lord and saviour and I receive your salvation and I believe I am now a child of God, I am forgiven and new in You, thank you for saving me Lord.

If you don’t still believe, come see a man who told me all I ever did at Winners chapel Nottingham.

Come see a man who told me all that i ever did in Church on Sunday, I look forward to seeing your beautiful faces.

Service time is 10:00 am at winners chapel Nottingham

winners chapel Nottingham.

This is the head quarters in Nigeria but we are all one. May God visit you as you come. Come and be blessed.



This is the Nottingham branch, where love awaits you.



You don’t need anything fancy, just come as you are. You are loved like that…hehe. I’m actually excited to see you.

If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to respond, just email me.

Congratulations for your new life! I look forward to your testimonies! stay awesome folks.

Also, feel fee to send in your lost and found story  (Salvation Story), Testimonies make people believe that God is true and he still does wonders today! Contact us here.

4 thoughts on “MY STORY/ABOUT E.W

  1. Wow God is wonderful! I’m so glad you have shared your story and I believe it will inspire others too. I can relate with some of the things you talked about, and I can truly testify that Freedom is found in Jesus. Well done Esther x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, bless you Joanna!. Thank you for reading and I’m glad you were blessed by it. Thank God for your life and the grace of God that is upon you. May God continue to use you for His glory.!


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