Waiting is known by the world and even some Christians as a negative thing. It often connotes delay or a situation where time is being wasted. I’ve had to wait for so many things; wait while queuing for a bus, wait for my order to arrive at a restaurant, wait for my hair to get braided and so on. A lot of times people’s attitude while waiting for such things and others are very negative.

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JESUS CAME FOR ALL. Merry Christmas!


Hi every one. Merry Christmas to you all! I’m so sorry I’ve not posted in a while, forgive me, I’ll be more consistent by God’s grace!. I pray you all had a wonderful Christmas celebration and are set or getting set for a glorious 2017. Your 2017 will be more glorious than your 2016, in Jesus’ name.  This is a late Christmas post. I was in the process of writing something else but I believe God has something for you concerning Christmas.

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READY OR NOT? Single Series Part 1.

So I’m single, and for sometime.. I’ve been feeling ‘relationshipy’, lol. That feeling when you want someone (a beloved)  I even prayed about it and God spoke a word to me through my mentor.
God was a bit silent when I prayed and I knew and still know he wants me to focus on Him. See Matthew 6:33. He also told me something else. I will speak about that in the next post.


I felt I was ready for a relationship but I was wrong because God is still at work in me and my heart. I’m getting there though. So many times we want something or we think we need it. But God knows best,  he can never bring what will harm us, He loves us too much and he also doesn’t want us to harm the other person when we’re in a relationship.
If you are currently in that single phase and you kinda want a relationship. Pray about it but focus on God. If you’re like me and you know God wants you to wait on Him and spend more time knowing yourself and knowing Him.
Here’s what you can do:

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Why Me?- Friday, 11th November, 2016.


Some people have gone through horrible experiences, rape, abandonment, sickness, heartbreak. The list is endless, we go through things in life that make us ask God, why me? And  God completely understands, He is the omniscient God. He knows how we feel.

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Kingdom Fame.- Thursday, 10th November, 2016.


There is such a thing as kingdom fame. Not all famous people are worldly or unsaved. There are men and women of God who are known for their impact in their world and the lives of thousands and millions that they touch and transform by the ministry God has placed in their hands.

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Everlasting Love!- Wednesday, 9th November, 2016.


This verse shows how much God loves us. God loves His children as much as the sinners. That is why John 3:16 says that for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believeth in Him, will not perish but have everlasting life. God loves everyone equally, but not everyone has received Him, not everyone has received and is even aware that God loves them. If we are privileged to know the love of God, we should never take it for granted or see it as just anything.


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What I Was Sent!- Tuesday, 8th November, 2016.


Maybe you know what God has called you to do, but if you don’t, I pray that God reveals your calling to you, in Jesus’ name, Amen!

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Learn To Forgive.- Monday, 7th November, 2016.


November 7.jpg

God will never ask us to do something that we cannot do. Many times it is fear that stops us or we doubt that we cannot do certain things because “it’s too hard”. God has anointed us to do the hard things, that is why His grace is perfect in our weaknesses and not our strengths.  We need to walk in faith and make up our minds that when God says we should forgive, He will give us grace to forgive and that He will also heal us. Isn’t God good?

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The Hope Of Glory.- Sunday, 6th November, 2016.


Apart from the fact that the promises of God are also for the Gentiles, (the unbelievers) when they repent and accept Christ. It is important to  know that a “Christian” without Christ won’t get much out of life. It is the fact that Christ lives in us that gives us hope. The Bible says in John 1:3 that through Christ all things were made. So don’t think you can do anything yourself.

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Ye Are Gods- Saturday, November 5th, 2o16.


I was shocked myself when I came across the scripture. Wow! We are gods? Just because God has made us His children? Amazing!

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A Different Type Of Giving Up.- Friday, 4th November, 2016.


When someone says that they give up, it is often perceived as a negative thing that shows lack of resilience and determination. In the above verse we see a different type of giving up, the one that Jesus did, He gave up His life for us, He gave up the ghost. Can we give anything for God? If God says, I want you to sow your salary or something that seems important to you, can you do it? What about your life? We say we have given our lives to Christ but we hold on to a lot of things.

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How Shall This Be?- Thursday, 3rd November, 2016.


There are times God speaks to us or promises us things about our future that seem too good to be true and even overwhelming. There are times that you wonder if you’re truly going to get to where God wants you to be because where you are seems so far from where you want to be. There are also times you wonder if you will finish well because you did not have a good start in life. You ask yourself this question: How can this be? (How can your amazing plans for me be?) the same question Mary asked the angel.

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Why did God choose me?- Wednesday, 2nd November, 2016.


God chose you woman of God. He handpicked you, though you surrender your life to Him, you did not choose yourself. You were chosen by God. Have you ever wondered and asked God why He chose you and why Hr brought you to this planet, or do you think He chose you just to make heaven. If you think that, sister, it’s time to wake up and begin to find out why God called you.

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Double For My Sins? Tuesday, 1st November, 2016.odkj

Isn’t God just so merciful?  That’s why the Bible also says that God’s mercies are new every morning.  God’s grace and mercy never runs out on us. His mercies endureth forever.  This verse makes us know that we shouldn’t feel guilty.  God even promises us double for all our sons. Wow!

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Who is Thanking God For You?- Monday 31st October, 2016.


Life is not all about you as an individual, it is about God and God is love. One prayer a woman of God mentioned was that “Father let someone be loved by You through me.” how powerful. God doesn’t want us to prosper primarily for ourselves but to impact lives and cause a positive change in the society.

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He Called Us Holy- Sunday, 30th October, 2016.


Today’s Bible verse is heart melting, God’s love is pure and unconditional. He loves us so much that even before the foundation of the world, before we were born, He selected each one of us even those that are yet to be born again to be holy, consecrated, set apart purpose driven and blameless for him and in His sight! Even while we were in sin, God had already prepared an amazing life spent with Him. He called us holy, that is His intention for us, to be faultless and stand without guilt.

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By His Spirit.- Saturday, 29th October, 2016.

October 29.jpg

Have you ever felt like you could do anything through your strength, some of us even try to carry out God’s purpose for us without asking Him for help, that is ridiculous. Without God you can’t do anything and with Christ, you can do all things.Also, people tend to believe that their achievements maybe are as a result of their education or skill but it is not by your power, it is by the Spirit of God.

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Greater Works- Friday, 28th October, 2016.

October 28.jpg

Every child of God is ordained for a life of exploits, no matter the level which he or she is at the moment. God said that He wishes above all things that we prosper even as our soul prospers. Prosperity is God’s desire for us. He doesn’t want us to live an impact less life, a life where we do not do great things for His kingdom.

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Addition or Subtraction – Thursday, 27th October, 2016

October 27.jpg

What do you add to people’s lives? Does your coming into their lives have a positive or negative influence? Do you add good or subtract evil? Or do you add evil and subtract the good already present in their lives?

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Guard Your Heart- Wednesday, 26th October, 2016.


The heart is a very delicate organ. When ones heart stops beating, the person stops breathing and dies.  The heart also connects with our emotions and thoughts that’s why people say their heart was broken, or something melted their hearts even the Bible says that as a man thinketh in his heart so is he.

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Green pastures, Still waters.- Tuesday, 25th October, 2016.


God is faithful and God is love. The Love He has for us is not even comprehend-able, we cannot try to fathom God’s love. The verse says that He makes us to lie down; that is God recognizes when we need to rest and in fact we can live a life of rest always, not necessarily when it is time to go to bed. God gives us PEACE!. It goes further to say that He not only makes us to lie down or rest, but it is in “green pastures” a place of abundance, a beautiful place, a conducive environment where we can thrive and stretch our potential, where we do not constantly have to fear or worry.

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Liberty-Monday, 24th October, 2016.


Never let anyone deceive you in thinking that Christianity puts people in bondage or that “Christianity is not fun” that is such a lie!. Being a Christian is the most beautiful thing and in the presence of the Lord there is fullness of Joy and at His right hand there are pleasures forever more. God’s joy is complete.

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What will He say?- 23rd October, 2016


What will God say about you?  Have you stopped to think about it. If you haven’t, take a moment and ponder. A lot of people live their lives however they want to live it, they do not care about what God thinks about what they do. They haven’t even prayed to God to discover His purpose for them. Some that do know, still walk out of line, they do not grow their potential, they do not use their talents in God’s kingdom,  they have become bench warmers. I pray that will not be me and you.

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WHAT WILL YOU SAY?- Saturday, 22nd October, 2016.october-22

We should keep in mind that we did not come into this world just to be born again, get married, have children and die. Each and every one of us has an assignment given by God to fulfill before we leave the earth. God has a purpose for our lives that has to be fulfilled.

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LOVE YOUR ENEMIES- Friday, 21st October, 2016.

October 21.jpg

How we treat our enemies and people who are not for us is very important. We do not have to be friends with everyone but God has given us an assignment to love people. No matter how unlovable they may be; we should show them the God kind of love that would make them be intrigued by our personality and at the end of it, come to know God.

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THE MIND OF CHRIST- Thursday, 20th October, 2016.


It is amazing to know that we have and we can have the mind of Christ. That means we literally have the mindset of Christ, we ought to think the way He thinks, when we go about our daily endeavors, it should not be a problem because we think like God, so we should never run out of ideas and options.

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ARISE!- Wednesday, 19th October, 2016.


The verse tells us that we should arise, that is, we need to leave our position and arise for something better.

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“I WILL COMFORT YOU”- Tuesday, 18th October, 2016.

October 18.jpg

Our God is a comforter and His comfort surpasses all human comfort. You might be going through something and people have apologized, wiped your tears and did so many things to comfort you but sister, when God comforts you, the pain is taken away and peace overwhelms you.

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WHAT WILL YOU BE REMEMBERED FOR? Monday, 17th October, 2016


At a conference I recently attended, the speaker mentioned that this life, people are either used as an example or a warning.

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WHAT’S ON YOUR MIND?-Sunday, 16th October, 2016


What you think goes a long way in affecting who, what you ever be and what you will ever do. You cannot be thinking like a failure and expect to live a victorious life. According to the Bible passage, you are what you think. So choose your thoughts carefully and renew your mind with the word. God will give us grace to do that in Jesus’ name.

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FOCUS- Saturday, 15th October, 2016.


To be focused is one of the keys to a glorious destiny. A common saying goes “Jack of all trades, master of none”. We have strength and weaknesses but we shouldn’t be busy worrying or trying to develop our weaknesses when God has given us strengths and areas we should focus on for a reason.

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WHAT ARE YOU SAYING? -Friday, 14th October, 2016.

October 14.jpg

There is a lot going on in the world, so many negative things that are out there to try to frustrate the people of God. In the world we live in people say what they feel and what they like including things like “I’m dying” or “I’m dead”. It doesn’t matter if it was a joke or whatever you think it is but the Bible says that ye shall have whatsoever you say, good or bad.

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LOVE THEN OBEY- Thursday, 13th October, 2016.


God loves us and when we receive His love and begin to love Him in return, we keep His commandments effortlessly.

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NEW THING- Wednesday, 12th October, 2016.

October 12.jpg

Are you one of those people that does not like to move on, do you love holding on to the past? Maybe a missed opportunity, a failed relationship, a terrible sin or mistake. God is saying that you should let go and watch for the amazing new thing He wants to do in your life.

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TIME FOR EVERYTHING-  Tuesday, October 11th, 2016


There is time for everything, even Jesus Christ acknowledged that His time has not yet come.  It is very easy to compare your life and achievements with someone else but your walk with God is personal, you shouldn’t compare yourself with others and want to do and achieve what everyone else is doing and achieving. God has a time for your own, be still.

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COMMANDED– Monday, October 10th, 2016.


God promises to be with us wherever we go, wherever He has commanded us to go He will be there to guide us and protect us. That is why He is telling us to be strong and courageous, that we shouldn’t be terrified or dismayed because He is there and He has instructed us.

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STUDY! – Sunday, October 9th, 2016.


In the age where technology is now so normal in our society especially among young people, it is easy to stop studying God’s word and it is also easy to study more because of resources available. However a lot of people use technology for social media and things that don’t help them grow spiritually.

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NOW THAT YOU’RE YOUNG- Saturday, October 8th, 2016.


Our youth, especially single-hood is the time to remember God and serve Him with all our heart. It is not the time to chase after youthful lusts, it is not the time to relax and let the older people do all the work.

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GOD IS GREATER- Friday, October 7th, 2016.


There is this quote I love by Christian D. Larson that says “Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that something inside you is greater than any obstacle”. The Bible verse today reminds me of the quote or rather the quote reminds me of the Bible verse. It means that no matter what we go through as God’s children, the God in us is greater than our trials in the world.

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YOU HAVE ANGELS- Thursday, October 6th, 2016.


Though some of us can’t see them, we have an angel appointed to watch over us, to lead us, guide us and protect us. So many people neglect the fact that they have angels and go about life doing their own thing,not realizing the umbrella of protection over them.

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MADE BY HIM- Wednesday, October 5th, 2016.


We need to  understand that without Christ we can do nothing and that we are nothing without Him, it is His presence in our life that changes us and transforms us.

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LOVE- Tuesday,  October 4th, 2016.

October 4.jpg

Works cannot should not assure us that God loves us. Satan tries to wear people out thinking that when they work and ‘do’ certain things; God will love them. However, that is a lie, a lie that will get you worn out if you fall into that trap. God loves us, He loves us so much that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

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THOU SHALL NOT– Monday, October 3rd, 2016.


I love how this is a commandment, “thou shall not be afraid”  it is a command, don’t be afraid.

There are so many phobias in the world today and a lot of them stop  people from fulfilling destiny. There’s the fear of what people think, fear of heights, fear of water, fear  of  taking steps, fear of making mistakes, the list is exhaustive.

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WAIT FOR IT- Sunday, 2nd October, 2016.


Whether your single or in courtship. God wants us to remain pure; soul, spirit and body as His beloved daughters. Every day, the media and social networks bombard us with distorted and fake show of what love is, you see girls being touched in sacred places by someone who is just a boyfriend, that’s even a minor one.

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PLANTED– October 1st, 2016.


There are so many blessings attached to going to Church or God’s house,  some people act like it is stressful to, or like it is a burden.  It is really not! It is a privilege to be in your heavenly Father’s house,  it is a time set out for God to fellowship with Him. There are like minded people seeking God and the atmosphere is Charged with God’s presence.

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WHO CAN BE AGAINST YOU?– Friday, 30th September, 2016.


Have you ever be concerned  about what people think of you, whether or not they like you or if they are on your side or not?. Maybe you felt that you wouldn’t be able to make it without support or assistance from some persons. But I’ve come to announce to you that if God is for you no one can be against you, no person can stand between you and God’s plan because God is on your side. When you have God, you have everything you need.

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BE HOSPITABLE- Thursday, 29th September, 2016

September 29.jpg

Jesus Christ our standard was extremely hospitable, He visited people, He fed people, He used His gifts to bless people, He was so friendly, gentle and kind to people.

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GO AND PREACH- Wednesday, 28th September, 2016


Some people think God saved them for themselves especially when they just get saved. However that is not true, when we get saved it is our business to become a witness because that is our Father’s primary assignment.

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STRENGTH FOR YOUR HEART- Tuesday, 27th September, 2016

September 27.jpg

One time or another, we must have experienced hurt. It feels like our heart is going to fail and that we may not be able to recover but that’s obviously not what God says. God “shall strengthen your heart”

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STEADFAST AND UNMOVABLE- Monday, 26th September, 2016.


Serving God is not a bed of roses, challenges do come. There are experiences especially in service units in Church that try to steal your peace and discourage you from serving God, but they will not succeed in Jesus’ name.

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BE DILIGENT!- Sunday, 25th September, 2016.


Diligence is hard to find these days, people want to make it in life but they look for quick ways to do so. You find a lot of people trying to sell themselves on Instagram when they have nothing to offer but their looks, extravagance and lifestyle. They don’t add any value to people or make any impact.

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WRITE THE VISION- Saturday, 24th September.


Writing a God given vision is so so important. When God speaks DO NOT think that because you have the mind of Christ you can remember everything because you won’t. Write it down, make it plain, so you can read it and walk in line with the vision.

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FAITHFUL IS HE- Friday, 23rd September.


Are you one of those people that love to have everything figured out? I’m sure you’re not alone. Sometimes, God gives someone a vision of her life and she believes that it is left to her to bring it to pass, she begins to stress about it and may think she is not doing enough. But God is saying faithful is I who calls you and I will also do it.

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KEEP THE FIRE BURNING- Thursday, 22nd September, 2016.

September 22.jpg

As Christians, our spiritual fire ought to keep burning. Christianity isn’t part time, you should never go on a  break because you cannot afford to give any place to the devil in these times. Leviticus 6:13 makes it clear that the fire shall never go out.

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WE WILL BE CHANGED.– Wednesday, 21st September, 2016.

September 21.jpg

Being a Christian is not an easy walk. The verse above could be interpreted in different ways. But let’s look at it from this angle. It says that we will not all sleep, that means that some people will sleep, some will be lukewarm, some won’t take God seriously. However we will not all sleep, some would be awake keeping the fire burning and becoming all that God wants them to be.

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PRIORITIES– Tuesday, September 20th, 2016

ACTS 6:2-4

And in those days, when the number of the disciples was multiplied, there arose a murmuring of the Grecians against the Hebrews, because their widows were neglected in the daily ministration.

 Then the twelve called the multitude of the disciples unto them, and said, It is not reason that we should leave the word of God, and serve tables.

Wherefore, brethren, look ye out among you seven men of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business.

But we will give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the word.


This scripture is amazing, it shows what should be the priority in our lives. Prayer and the Word, Prayer and the Word! The disciples knew what they were called to do and they did not allow any distractions pull them away from it.

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GOOD SUCCESS– Monday, September 19th, 2016.


It is so important for us to study, meditate and do God’s word, that is wisdom. Wisdom is the application of knowledge.

God has outlined the formula not just for success but for good success, and who doesn’t want to be successful? Or who doesn’t want good success?.

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COMMITMENT- Sunday, September 18th 20 16.


God’s word is powerful and this verse is Jesus Christ Himself speaking!.

Jesus Christ was so committed to the works of His Father, He showed unmatchable dedication to seeing His father’s business being completed.

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AS LONG AS I AM IN The  WORLD-Saturday, September 17th 2016.


Jesus Christ knew who He was some of the statements He made makes you know that He knew who He was and was not afraid to declare it.

I mean the same Jesus said, “I am the way the truth and the life and that no one comes to the father except through Me! John 14:6 (NIV)

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CELEBRATE EACH OTHER– FRIDAY, September 16th 2016.


One of the problems among women today is jealousy and that’s one of the enemies’ devices to distract us from God’s plan for His daughters, the bible says rejoice with them that rejoice.

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KEEP IT IN YOUR HEART– Thursday, September 15th 2016.

September 15.jpg

If you study the book of Luke, you’ll realize that Mary didn’t quite say what  God said to her through the angel. People saw and recognized the hand of God on her and even the angels. In Luke 1:42-45, Elizabeth is the one that speaks concerning Mary, though she was inspired by the Holy Ghost.

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SEPT 14.jpg

Hello, blessed woman of God, may the grace of God multiply in your life. Many women even teenagers have faced heart break, depression, disappointment, betrayals and some kind of emotional trauma that tries or tried to steal their joy.

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2 Suddenly, a man with leprosy approached him and knelt before him. “Lord,” the man said, “if you are willing, you can heal me and make me clean.”

Jesus reached out and touched him. “I am willing,” he said. “Be healed!” And instantly the leprosy disappeared.

 Matthew 8:3 (NLT)


This verse is so so beautiful. A lot of times we ask God for things and we beg Him, as if we are trying to make Him willing to bless us or to heal us as in the case of the leper. But God is willing, He is willing to change our lives and our situation for the better.

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Before I formed you in the womb, I knew [and]  approved of you [as my chosen instrument], and before you were born I separated and set you apart, consecrating you; [and] I appointed you as a prophet unto nations.Jer 1:5 [Amplified]

Purple Daisy Tumblr Backgrounds (2)

Is isn’t it amazing to know that even you were formed, God knew you?,He knew you even before your parents came together, He knew there would be a baby girl that  would be born on the particular day you were born, weighing what you weighed, and crying how you did when you saw the world outside your mothers belly.

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If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.1 John 1:9


When we begin to understand the work of the Holy Spirit, we discover that when we engage His help, He purifies us from all unrighteousness. Mind you, purification is a process, God gradually removes those things that we don’t need from our lives.

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“Even I, am he who blots out your transgressions, for my own sake, and remembers your sins no moreIsaiah 43:25 (NIV)


Yesterday, we learned that God forgives us when we confess our sins, He not only forgives but purifies us from every filth to look more and more like Him.

However,people still struggle with the fact that, God can’t remember their sin when they’ve been forgiven. It is God that blots out our transgressions, the meaning of blot and it means “to remove with absorbing material” according to the Merriam Webster online dictionary. God removes our sin because of who He is and doesn’t remember them anymore.

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If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.1 John 1:9 (KJV)


It’s Friday!, beautiful woman of God, who He loves unconditionally.

I’m sure a lot of us have struggled and some may still be struggling with accepting God’s forgiveness and even the art of confessing our sins to Him when we fall short.

Personally, I’ve had times where I would sin but mysteriously forget to ask for forgiveness, live in rejection and then feel so far from God which leads…..

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Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.”– Isaiah 30:21 (NLT)


God cannot leave us directionless, He always directs us and leads us especially through the holy spirit speaking to the inward man.

Let’s analyse the verse, it says “whether you turn to the right or to the left” that means no matter where you are, even if you’re going in the wrong way, the wrong relationship, the wrong location, no matter the obscurity, you can always count on God’s leading and direction when you ask.

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“In that day,” declares the LORD, “you will call me ‘my husband’; you will no longer call me ‘my master.’ Hosea 2:16 (NLT)


So God spoke to me on being so intimate with Him, like how the unmarried and single women imagine they would be with their future spouses. God wants us as women to be very intimate with Him even deeper than the intimacy we want to have with our future husbands.

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