Letting Go. Part 3- Valentine’s season


Hi beautiful people of God, your response to the Letting go series has been amazing both on the blog and off the blog. I thank God for what He’s doing on here, all things truly work together for good (Romans 8:28)

Without much ado, let’s go on with the story..

So…I was doing things my own way, and ignoring God. I was in a deep state of confusion and unrest. I was not at peace and I was trying to figure out everything from beginning to the end, it was wearing me out especially since I am not the Alpha and Omega.
There was even a day when this Bro K, picked me in his car to drop me for evangelism, I was looking stressed and had began to already lose weight. Being the kind person he is, he was genuinely concerned and the conversation ended with an “it is well” from Brother K, I was touched. Friendship and Christlike love is so essential not only for romantic relationships but friendships and in the body of Christ,that’s what we shared and believe we still share by His grace.

It was the month of February, the month that my world began to crash, financially, spiritually, academically, emotionally, everything seemed not to be working, crashing and rather coming to a stand still.

On February 14th 2017, I was supposed to attend a naming ceremony but it got interrupted. I mentioned that I was in deep confusion. I would hear voices saying, go here, don’t go there, or do this and don;t do that. Some of which i thought was the voice of God but it was not because we know God is not the author of confusion.


I called a sister of mine who I told about the ‘situation’ and me being led to change Church (Story for another day) We prayed for about an hour, decreeing, losing and binding and generally interceding concerning our marital destinies. It was a powerful experience but I don’t think it was necessary because it did not come from a place of trust it came from unrest, panic and trying to’handle’ things.

The day was a Tuesday, I vividly remember it. I went home after the prayer, my spiritual sister and I were in tears, the next day was a mid week service and Bro K dropped me home, the signs that he liked me were now glaring. He dropped some other people before me, it was just the two of us in the car, we drove round a bit, and he was asking me how I was and all, and what I did the day before, of course I was not going to tell him ‘praying for you or about you’ it was supposed to be a secret remember?


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