LETTING GO! (A true story) PART 1


Hey, precious daughters of Zion and Esther women!
So today is a story time. I was never the one to share my personal experiences but I believe letting things out makes it easier to talk about issues freely without allowing the past have a hold on your life. Or don’t you think so?
The key scripture for today is Philippians 3:13-14


What a powerful scripture.

So many things went on in my life that I believe that God wanted me to let go of and not hold on to it. I was angry at myself and other people and somehow, I was upset with God but more upset with myself for disobeying him and seeing the consequences affect me in ways I have never expected. Let’s go down memory lane.

In November 2016, God was speaking to me about marriage and relationships, He asked me what I thought of this particular young man in Church and I believe God said he’s the one for me. For privacy sake, we will call him Brother K.

I started praying for him and interceding because I really wanted him to grow spiritually and otherwise. I continued praying for him and journaling. Even when I went to Nigeria for Christmas holiday, I kept on praying for him. I came back and I saw he had grown so much which was good and I knew he was starting to like me.
That would have been a good time to develop friendship but I was impatient

It was a cold Sunday afternoon of February, we had a youths valentine event at Church. After watching another girl give him a gift, I was kind of not happy with it. God is so merciful and he cautioned me through the Pastor’s wife at Church, nevertheless, I acted out of emotions.


Brother K usually picked me home from Church and dropped me of, we were getting along really well. When he picked me that faithful Sunday, I felt ‘led’ to give him some books, which looking back it was a bit silly of me. The books had my names written on them, what was I thinking? That’s why we need to be careful when we claim to be ‘led’. You see, doing that was not even the bad part.

After the event, he was to drop me home, I sat at the back because he previously dropped someone off and it was just the two of us. Brother K was really curious about the gift I had gave him but at that point I should have just indicated that it was just a gift, or went ahead to tell him that I liked him which I was not quite sure if I really did. To be honest, it was because of the conversation with God that I really began to see him in another light.

So there we were talking in the car and even after being previously warned by the Holy Spirit to keep my mouth shut, I spoke, I told him, I allowed feelings and emotions have the best of me….
“God said…”

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