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BOOK REVIEW- Understanding the Power and Purpose of Woman By Dr. Myles Munroe


Hey all! Virtual hugs and kisses to all the Esther women out there and the men who love us!. It’s a new week, how has the week been so far? It’s our prayer that doors of favour open for you this week, may your burdens be lifted never to return, may divine opportunities come your way and most of all may the joy of the Lord continue to be your strength! Happy new week!

So today is another book review, and this book is an amazing book! Every woman and the men that love them should definitely grab it and R.E.A.D. God’s people perish because they lack knowledge (Hosea 4:6) May you never be found there!

A lot of women struggle to be women, you ask yourself ‘what’s my purpose as a woman?’ what’s expected of me? What differentiates me from a man? ‘How do I function? What’s my role? How do I communicate with women? How do I treat them? If you’ve been asking such questions or even if you haven’t, this book is definitely for you. It will enlighten you and open your eyes to a lot and it will leave you more confident as to functioning as the woman God intended and for men, it will help you to understand women. The book makes life easier.

It is “Understanding the purpose and power of a woman by Dr. Myles Munroe.” Now, a lot has been said about the book, but a mentor of mine kept pushing that I read it, he was so particular about the book and I was even prompted by the Spirit to get it so I did. It left me speechless.

The book consists of 11 chapters including a conclusion, it is a 204 page book with medium text so it is not that much of a long read but it is a good read!
It begins with letting the reader know that the ‘idea’ of what a woman is and should be has been distorted by culture and tradition, A woman’s place is truly in God, that her purpose determines how she’s created and how she’s created determines her function and needs. This was quite interesting because a lot of times people have the perception that Christianity doesn’t allow for gender equality.

We go further in understanding what purpose means, God is a God of purpose so he created the woman with her purpose in mind and when God’s purpose is unknown, abuse is inevitable. Dr Munroe also reiterates that to know the purpose of a thing, never ask the thing but the manufacturer.

The next chapter is very interesting because it establishes the equality of a man and woman before God, we are all created to be loved by God . Both the male and female have a spirit which have no gender and God relates to us through our spirit, but the physical houses we have are male and female. We also begin to see our differences in this chapter. Men and women are equal but different. This really opened my eyes.


The book highlights a lot,the uniqueness of a woman, such as the woman being an enhancer, i.e she’s the helper, the companion, good for the man, shares in his vision and much more. We also in this great book see the woman as the reflector designed to receive love and her need for love and affection .

From Myles’ writing, we see his passion and love for women and for them to understand the purpose and plan God has for them.
He goes further to explain the woman as a life giver, not just receiving the man’s seed, incubating and birthing a child but giving life to ideas and visions, by incubating and nurturing them till they are ‘full term’. Essentially, we see her as a multiplier.

Dr Myles then speaks about communication style of a woman and how it differentiates from the man. We see the woman as needing affection and an emotional feeler while the man. We learn about her sexual needs and emotions. The final chapter explains that women should be in leadership and that her leadership is complementary to that of a male because of her influence.
The content of the book ends with Myles revelation of the famous Proverbs 31 woman.


Understanding the purpose and power of a woman is an incredibly insightful book which I thoroughly enjoyed. For me it was not just a read, but an experience.

It challenges your perception of yourself as a woman. It helps you understand yourself and avoid comparison with men. One of the greatest value of this book is the restoration of broken relationships in the body of Christ, because mutual understanding, breeds love, peace and unity. This will further lead to the growth of the Church.

The book is very easy to read as Dr. Myles writing style is very simple and interesting, it is not a boring book and with the help of the Holy Spirit, you will have various encounters.
I highly recommend this book to ladies about the age of 16/18 and above and the same thing for men. It’s not a book for children.

If I could give the book 11/10 I would, so I’ll leave it as 10/10.

The book can be purchased at or amazon for those in England or America, but for other countries, you can surf the internet or check Christian book shops around you. It’s a must read!

I don’t really have one but I will share the ones I really loved.

“I want to say to my women readers that God knew what men needed, and it was you”

“Yet God said that the highest good for a man, besides Himself, is a woman. So, in some mysterious way, in spite of what your past experiences in relationships might have been, a woman is by her very nature, good for a man.”
“ “I don’t believe in women preachers”, However they fail to realize that there’s a man within the woman. If you don’t like women preachers, then close your eyes and listen, because there’s a man within her. Let the man within her preach.”

“God did not create the woman as an after thought, but as an integral part of His plan in creation”


“A man needs respect. This means that the worst thing you can do is to compare your husband to another male. Please don’t tell your husband “Why can’t you be like our pastor? Or, “Why aren’t you like So-and-So?” That’s the most dangerous-and ridiculous-thing a woman can say to a man”
“If you give a woman twenty dollars and say, “Sweetheart, I trust you. Please go ahead and invest this in whatever way you think you should.” When you look at that twenty dollars again it will be two hundred dollars, then two thousand dollars, then twenty thousand dollars. Jesus gave his bride eleven apostles, plus the apostle Paul. She’s still multiplying what He gave her.”

And many more!

Dr Myles Munroe is amazing, words cannot quantify the value he added and still adds to humanity. His teaching tapes are uplifting and life changing and the same applies to his books.

To end this , I’d say GET THE BOOK ! It will change your life. We might be doing a giveaway soon so keep your eyes peeled. Tell your friends too!

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