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Hello beautiful woman of God. Greetings from the esther woman family. We love you, in fact, take a virtual hug and a virtual kiss. lol

Have you ever felt forgotten? I’m sure every one at one point or the other has and even will. It’s inevitable. A lot of people feel forgotten. you might be reading this thinking no one loves you or that none cares about you. But I bring you good news, God can never ever forget you! He loves you so much and He’s got you on His mind. I mean God even knows the number of hair on your head, that’s amazing. Some people do not even know your birthday but you have a God that knows the number of hairs on your head!

The enemy will try to make you feel unloved so you can wallow in self pity but that will not be you. Your own case is different. I see God breaking all the chains of self pity in your life. May you reflect the glory of God in all that you do.

Have you ever greeted your mum and she looks at you and she can’t remember you? Of course, you will laugh and believe she’s joking. but even if she does, or maybe you have a mother that abandoned you as a child, my dear sister God has not forgotten you! He is still very much in your situation. Trust in Him with all your heart.
God will never forget you. You are extremely precious, you are the apple of His high, you are God’s princess!

I am God’s princess, God loves me, He cares about me, I am not and I can never be forgotten because I’ve got a daddy that loves me unconditionally!

If you answered no, please click here.

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