What are you focused on child of God? Daughter of zion, beloved of God. Lately I’ve been ‘focused’ not necessarily on God but on myself and other issues. I told a man that God said he’s my husband. Please don;’t laugh at me. I’m laughing at me already. But to be honest, that little thing, spread like cancer to other areas of my life.
The Holy Spirit warned me not to tell him but I went and I opened my mouth. And right not all I want to do is redirect my focus and keep my eyes and my mind fixed on my first love.

Jesus I was , I am still in love with you. I still want to wipe your feet with my hair. I still want to sing worship songs to pull you near,
It’s better than pull and bear,
This heart has so much it can bare.
But God I see you coming to my heart and soul
Baby keep calm you’ll get there
So when I looked into his eyes
There was this spark
It was beyond art
And so I couldn’t hold back.
I was walking into destruction
Even when God said take a step back.

They that worship God must worship in spirit
And in truth and when I’m asked
I am to go back to basics
Because in the beginning it wasn’t so
So Focus.
Focus on Jesus
I’m looking at Him but I see you in Him
Is it a bad thing?
No it’s not,
Esther you’re in love
But perfect love cast out fear
So, did I miss it out
So you see yea,
I don’t feel good
It doesn’t make sense
But the Word says
We walk by faith and not by sight
We walk like people with eternity in mind
So Focus on the most high
Jehovah , You are the most High
And Yes, you know that song,
But is he truly the most high
In your life.
Or do you cling to mortal men
Claiming you love him
To whom are you burning incense?
I’m so focused,
I Matt 6:33
Even when I don’t feel like it,
I Proverbs 3:5-6
Because I have to trust him in all my ways
In assurance that He will direct my paths.
Trust in the Lord will all your heart baby.
Lean not on your own pretty understanding
When God says move
Stay Focused.

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