“NEEDS” – Tuesday, 7th February 2016.

day 7.jpg

Hey treasured one! Hope you’ve had a good week?

When I usually read Philippians 4:19, first thing that comes to my mind is material provisions. I am sure a lot of people will agree. But I only recently saw that ‘need’ is not only about material or money but it goes beyond that. It means everything we need, it says “all of your needs” not some or most of your needs. God is all sufficient.

You might have emotional needs, He is there for you, physical needs, He will definitely provide, relationship needs, surely, He shall supply ALL your needs. I want you to understand that God cannot be limited, there is nothing He cannot do or cannot change. But one way that triggers supply is for us to give to and bless others, if you read the previous verses. You’ll discover that the Philippians gave to Paul and then he (Paul) now said that God will supply their needs in return. May God give you understanding.

Finally, also note that needs and want are two different things. I can need a book because I have to take notes in class and I can want a book because of how it looks so I can show it off even if I have others to use. You can want something but not need it. What makes it a need is the fact that it is a necessity. I see God supplying all your needs as you seek His kingdom first this year.

Thanksgiving: Lord I thank you because I trust that you will supply all my needs according to your riches in glory, even as I give and be a blessing to others.

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