WAITING….Sunday, February 5th 2017.


Waiting is known by the world and even some Christians as a negative thing. It often connotes delay or a situation where time is being wasted. I’ve had to wait for so many things; wait while queuing for a bus, wait for my order to arrive at a restaurant, wait for my hair to get braided and so on. A lot of times people’s attitude while waiting for such things and others are very negative.

Usually, it is tough to wait on God for the things that others are getting freely as in the verse above, but we forget that the blessings that come from God makes rich and adds no sorrow. Even though people are ‘prospering’, the ones who are not prospering in a Godly way will crumble and wither away. God has designed a period of waiting for him to be a period of peace and resting. Don’t wear yourself out.

Even though a person’s prosperity are Godly, we should be patient, rest and trust that God knows what He is doing when He asks us to wait, God is never wrong. There was a time I thought I was ready to date and I almost dated this guy, but thank God I waited and listened to God’s voice, I would have been somewhere else today or worse still engaging in pre marital sex.

Waiting for or on God is different. It is a beautiful thing to wait, we learn discipline, we learn to trust God and love Him more. It depends on how we choose to see it and how we trust God while we wait on or for Him. It could be difficult and even annoying to wait. But we should remember that God’s grace is always sufficient and that His grace is perfect in our weakest points. The God that has asked you to wait will enable you to. I see all things working together for your good even as you wait.


Prayer: Dear Lord Jesus, even as I wait on you and for you, help me to be patient o God. Pour Your spirit upon me and enable me to grow in my knowledge of You while I wait. I also thank you because when it’s time for that which you have promised, you will perfect it and envelope it with Your glory. Thank you Lord for I know you hear me, in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen!

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