The Hope Of Glory.- Sunday, 6th November, 2016.


Apart from the fact that the promises of God are also for the Gentiles, (the unbelievers) when they repent and accept Christ. It is important to  know that a “Christian” without Christ won’t get much out of life. It is the fact that Christ lives in us that gives us hope. The Bible says in John 1:3 that through Christ all things were made. So don’t think you can do anything yourself.

The secret to Christians walking in purpose and living fulfilled lives, is Christ in them, take Christ out of the equation and they are worthless creatures. God has so much in store for us because Christ died for us and we get the revelation from His word and Christ is the word. Without Christ, woman of God, you can do NOTHING. Let that sink in. God allows us to share His glory because the gentiles which are the unbelievers to know that the secret is Jesus. Jesus is our secret!

I want us to be more determined to know this God intimately, to be totally dependent on Him, to not go on thinking we can do life ourselves, because we can’t. Jesus is our hope. Have you seen a suckling new born baby? Their mother is their hope of survival, if that mother abandoned them and no one came to help, they will die. That is how we ought to depend on God and even more. I pray that you depend so much on God that He becomes the very air you breathe!

Prayer: Jesus, You alone are my only hope, thank You for dying on the cross for me, thank You for counting me worthy enough to share in Your glory, lord help me understand that I can do nothing without You, let my heart beat for You, pour upon me afresh the spirit of love for You , Lord. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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