Learn To Forgive.-Monday, November 7th, 2016.

November 7.jpg

God will never ask us to do something that we cannot do. Many times it is fear that stops us or we doubt that we cannot do certain things because “it’s too hard”. God has anointed us to do the hard things, that is why His grace is perfect in our weaknesses and not our strengths.  We need to walk in faith and make up our minds that when God says we should forgive, He will give us grace to forgive and that He will also heal us. Isn’t God good?

People have been so hurt, there are tragic stories and terrible experiences that people have gone through but we are capable of forgiving, we just need to invite God into our situation and let Him into our heart. God wants us to communicate and tell Him how we feel, like we were talking to a friend and believe me, GOD LISTENS!

Today, lay that hurt before God, that boy that cheated on you, that friend that betrayed you, that father that abandoned you, that mother that was never there. Tell God that you want to forgive them and ask Him to help you. Forgiving others frees you, it is for your own good, you need space in your heart for positivity and not hate and pain. Not only does forgiveness give freedom, God forgives us when we forgive, so choose to forgive.

Prayer: Lord I choose forgiveness today, I have been hurt and I am still hurting. God give me grace to forgive all those that have hurt me, heal my heart Lord and help me to let the hurt and pain go. Pour on me afresh Your Holy Spirit that I might live in peace, joy and freedom in You. In Jesus’ name, Amen!



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