A Different Type Of Giving Up.- Friday, 4th November, 2016.



When someone says that they give up, it is often perceived as a negative thing that shows lack of resilience and determination. In the above verse we see a different type of giving up, the one that Jesus did, He gave up His life for us, He gave up the ghost. Can we give anything for God? If God says, I want you to sow your salary or something that seems important to you, can you do it? What about your life? We say we have given our lives to Christ but we hold on to a lot of things.

Jesus not only gave up His life but He gave it up in a very painful way, a way that even caused Him so say that God forsook Him, but he still did what He knew was best. If He didn’t, He probably will not be seated at the right hand of God and every knee will not be bowing at the mention of His name. Often time we want to be enthroned. We want the good things in life but are we ready to pay the price?

We have to make up our minds as children of God that we will do what it takes to see our destiny and prophecies that have gone ahead of us fulfilled. We cannot sit and think that God will do everything for us. There’s a part we must play, God told Abraham to go out of His father’s house to a place that God will show him. God did not make Abraham to magically appear in the land of Canaan but Abraham had to go there himself. Are you ready to go as far as God wants you to go to get to where He wants you to be? I pray God gives us strength to obey Him and serve                Him with our lives. Amen.

Prayer: Lord, Jesus gave His life for me, even though I am not Jesus, strengthen me and give me grace to do what is required to fulfil my destiny. I need You Holy Spirit because I do not want to miss it and miss out on the beautiful and glorious destiny You planned for me. In Jesus’s name, Amen!

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