Why did God choose me?- Wednesday, 2nd November, 2016.


God chose you woman of God. He handpicked you, though you surrender your life to Him, you did not choose yourself. You were chosen by God. Have you ever wondered and asked God why He chose you and why Hr brought you to this planet, or do you think He chose you just to make heaven. If you think that, sister, it’s time to wake up and begin to find out why God called you.

We are ordained that means officially assigned and legalised to bring forth fruit, not bad fruit or seasonal fruits but that out fruits should remain. Yes, there might be seasons in out lives we feel fruitless and think that God has forgotten us but that too shall pass. Trust in God, believe HIS WORD more than your situation. Remember that He honours His word above His name. Begin to see yourself as a an ordained and anointed fruit bearer.

If you notice a pattern in your life that represents fruitlessness, go to God, take His word to Him, His word can never return void it always does what it is set to accomplish, don’t let the devil lie to you. You are called to do great things. To bear fruits and make the kind of impact that will remain and speak after you are long gone. You go girl!

Confession: I am what GOD says I am, I am an ordained fruit bearee and my fruits remain. I will make a great impact in my generation even after I am long gone. I will draw many to Christ. In Jesus’s name, Amen!

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