Who is Thanking God For You?- Monday 31st October, 2016.


Life is not all about you as an individual, it is about God and God is love. One prayer a woman of God mentioned was that “Father let someone be loved by You through me.” how powerful. God doesn’t want us to prosper primarily for ourselves but to impact lives and cause a positive change in the society.

Who are you blessing? it is not about money all the time or food or clothes. It is also about who you’re ministering to with what God has put in your hand. Is it that talent? Can you sing? Do you bless people with that voice, do you let the Holy spirit use you to bless people. Is it that skill? You know how to sew clothes or take pictures. Do you use that to bless people, do you put your best in what you do and cause people to bless the God that created you and the parents that raised you? are you skilled with writing or speaking? do you inspire people with the words God has given you or do you see people with quenched spirits and broken hearts and walk away? Let God use you!

Paul prayed for the Ephesians and what came before that verse is Paul praising them because of their faith and the love they show each other. The Church in Ephesus blessed one another.

God is looking for who to use for His glory, He is not looking for people to use and throw away. Make up your mind that you will bless people, that in your lifetime, you will send someone to school, that you will put food on someones table, that you will use that skill for the betterment of God’s kingdom. Make up your mind that beginning from now, you will do things that will cause men to thank God for you and pray for you. Be a blessing and watch God increase and enlarge you!

Prayer: God, I want to live a life that will touch and impact people. I want to be a blessing to my generation and those after me, I want to live to fulfill the purpose You have called me for and that includes being a lender to nations and blessing millions. Give me grace to start from where I am now, no matter how little I think what I have is. In Jesus’s name, Amen!

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