ADDITION OR SUBTRACTION?-Thursday, 27th October, 2016.

October 27.jpg

What do you add to people’s lives? Does your coming into their lives have a positive or negative influence? Do you add good or subtract evil? Or do you add evil and subtract the good already present in their lives?

Isaac married Rebekah and He was comforted, and Isaac loved her, they were positive influences to one another, they were assets and not liabilities in each others lives. Can you say the same about yourself and even the people that come into your life. Remember evil communication corrupts good manners so be careful who you let in your life, review your friendships. Check if you are positively affecting your friends or not.

Very importantly, if you are going to marry or even date somebody make sure both of you make each other better people, that is the will of God, two heads are better than one, they are stronger and not weaker because they are both positive influences.

As women of God, young or older, we should strive to be better people because we can only give what we have, you can never give positivity when you’re negative, you can never love when you do not know God.  I encourage you today, know God, the more you know and take into your spirit, the more value you add and affect your generation positively. I pray we become positive additions to our world and impact our generation like never before.

Prayer: Lord, I definitely do not want to be a bad influence, I want to affect my generation positively, I want to live a legacy that will speak even after I day but I cannot do it with my strength, give me grace to live daily for you and in you, also separate me from bad friends and bad influence so I can fulfill the destiny You carved out for me. Amen.

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