What will He say?- 23rd October, 2016


What will God say about you?  Have you stopped to think about it. If you haven’t, take a moment and ponder. A lot of people live their lives however they want to live it, they do not care about what God thinks about what they do. They haven’t even prayed to God to discover His purpose for them. Some that do know, still walk out of line, they do not grow their potential, they do not use their talents in God’s kingdom,  they have become bench warmers. I pray that will not be me and you.

Actively seek to advance His Kingdom, serve Him with your talents and ability,  better yourself, grow what God has put in you. Be faithful in what God has given you now. That’s where the increase lies. Be faithful in the little. If you earn 200 naira or pounds or whatever currency and cannot give God 10% as tight, don’t expect God to increase your earnings to 20,000 because to you haven’t been faithful in the little.

Also, a lot of people seek the approval of men. “oh, if I clean the toilet in Church, people will laugh at me, I’m the M. D in my company”  God is no respected of persons, neither is He a blind promoter. What you sow you reap.
We should seek God’s approval of what we do because we are only answerable to Him, pleasing men won’t take you to heaven and pleasing men cannot even compare to God’s plan and purpose for you.
What will God say about you? Well done?

Prayer: Lord, I want your well done, not that of men.  Give me grace to please You in all I do and to not be a people-pleaser. Help me to be faithful in what You’ve blessed me with. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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