ARISE- Wednesday, 19th October, 2016



The verse tells us that we should arise, that is, we need to leave our position and arise for something better.

Where you are currently, could be a place of procrastination, a place where you know what you ought to do but you make excuses to do them. God is saying that you should arise!

Or you could be in a place where it seems like your life is over and you wonder if there’s hope or if you can begin again, God is saying you should arise from self pity and walk in His victory.

No matter what terrible situation you are in, God is ready to rewrite your story but He needs you to arise. Because when you do, you shine, your begin to manifest as the woman God intended for you to be. Woman, will you arise today, take hold of your destiny and become all God wants you to be? I believe you will say yes to that.


Dear Lord Jesus, I want to arise and become all you died for me to be and have all You died for me to have, God I want to be a shining light bringing glory to Your name, help me Jesus, In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.


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