COMMANDED- Monday, October 10th, 2016.


God promises to be with us wherever we go, wherever He has commanded us to go He will be there to guide us and protect us. That is why He is telling us to be strong and courageous, that we shouldn’t be terrified or dismayed because He is there and He has instructed us.

The world we try to scare us, the devil will use different ways to try to stop us from going where God wants us to go, he wants us to forget who sent us in the first place, once he succeeds in doing that the person focuses on the mountain rather on God who can move mountains.

Keep your eyes on God, He has commanded you, He is the all powerful God, when He says yes who can dare to say no? when he commands you who can dare to stop you? No one, so be strong and fear not. Go about your day living fearlessly, courageously, being and doing what God has called you to be and do and remember, God is right there with you!

Prayer: I know you commanded me Lord, but sometimes fear comes, remind me that am sent and you are right there with me; protecting and shielding me from evil. Give me grace to walk in faith aware of your presence and you power! In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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