YOU HAVE ANGELS- Thursday, 6th October, 2016.


Though some of us can’t see them, we have an angel appointed to watch over us, to lead us, guide us and protect us. So many people neglect the fact that they have angels and go about life doing their own thing,not realizing the umbrella of protection over them.

God cares about us and doesn’t want us to be hurt or even misdirected in life. The Angel goes before us to make sure we are in the right path, if we make mistakes, it is the angels duty to keep us in the way.

Please never think that God will send you on an assignment without helping you out. That’s why we have an angel. The Angel will also bring us to the place God has prepared for us. Wow! Isn’t that awesome? God has not only prepared a place specially for us, but our darling Father also arranged for an Angel to bring us to that place.

You are the apple of God’s eye and He will take care of you! God can’t leave you stranded, God can never forget you, though it is even hard for a mother to forget  her suckling child, God says though she may forget, He will never forget you, that is how precious you are to God. God’s love is so real! Embrace it!

Prayer: Lord, it is so awesome to know that You love me so much to have an Angel set aside just to protect me, lead me and guide me. Thank you for being such a caring Father, I bless your name Lord. Amen!

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