WAIT FOR IT- Sunday, 2nd October, 2016.


Whether your single or in courtship. God wants us to remain pure; soul, spirit and body as His beloved daughters. Every day, the media and social networks bombard us with distorted and fake show of what love is, you see girls being touched in sacred places by someone who is just a boyfriend, that’s even a minor one.

If someone sees such images or love representations that are nowhere near biblical she may think that, that’s what love is. She enters a relationship maybe with an unbeliever or a luke warm Christian and he begins to tell her sex is the status quo, these days even people that claim to be Christians still engage in fornication and smooching etc. That’s not God’s plan.

Impurity even begins in the mind and what you constantly meditate on, sooner or later you want to try it out, but that will not be you in Jesus’ name.

Things that enter our mind come in mostly by what we see, so we have to very careful not to do anything that could make us impure or awaken love before the time comes.

When you’re married you can have sex all you want but now you need to focus on God and building solid friendships.

Prayer: Lord, in this society, it could be difficult to remain pure but I know that your grace is sufficient. Help me Holy Spirit to walk before you blameless in my soul spirit and body. Surround me with people that love you and would draw me closer to you. In Jesus’ name. Amen!


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