PLANTED- Saturday,1st October, 2016.


There are so many blessings attached to going to Church or God’s house,  some people act like it is stressful to, or like it is a burden.  It is really not! It is a privilege to be in your heavenly Father’s house,  it is a time set out for God to fellowship with Him. There are like minded people seeking God and the atmosphere is Charged with God’s presence.

The verse above says “Those that be planted in the house of the Lord” So it is not about going religiously but being truly planted, being willing to go, serving while you’re there, committed to serving your maker in the capacity you can.

Some go to Church as benchwarmers to just listen to the sermon or dance and sing during choir ministration but as people grow I believe they’ll be touched to serve. Being planted in God’s house doesn’t change God, it changes you because you will flourish.  Oxford online dictionary defines flourish as the growth or  development of a living organism in a healthy and vigorous way due to a congenial or pleasant environment.

God’s presence and being in His house makes you Flourish, your countenance changes. Moses’ face shone in Ezekiel 34:35 when He went to the mountain. Sometimes in Church, You find people telling you or others that you are glowing or shining. Friends, it is not only sex that makes people glow, God can make you glow and shine more than a hundred times better.

The Bible says in Psalms 84:7, that “they grow from strength to strength every one of them in Zion appeareth before God” That is you get supernatural strength in God’s house. The bible also says that “…in Thy (God) presence, there is fullness of Joy…”– Psalms 16:11

These are some benefits of being in the House of God. It is a privilege to come to His house!

Prayer: Lord, I now the the benefits of being in Your house and fellowshipping with You, Lord give me the zeal to be planted in Your house, give me grace to serve You wholeheartedly and to love You and Your house more and more. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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