BE HOSPITABLE- Thursday, 29th September, 2016.


September 29.jpg

Jesus Christ our standard was extremely hospitable, He visited people, He fed people, He used His gifts to bless people, He was so friendly, gentle and kind to people.

As His daughters we ought to strive to be more and more like Him. We are all striving towards perfection but that shouldn’t be an excuse not to do something. Many times our healing comes when we become a blessing to someone else. There was a time I was going through something and someone, not even a close friend was going through something similar, I encouraged her, offered her food and prayed for her. Soon, we both got our breakthrough to the glory of God.

Let’s imagine what Jesus will do when we find ourselves in certain situations, when we see someone has a need and God lays it on our heart to meet it, let us not pretend like we didn’t hear God or start to question the voice when we know it was God.

As women of God, our beauty shouldn’t be in what we wear, our make-up, but it should be carrying so much of Christ that the world is impacted. We should love sinners because Jesus does, we shouldn’t act all holy and snobby because while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Love one another!

Prayer: Lord, I’m not perfect and I know that when I drowned in sin, You loved me and died for me. Help me to show Your love to people today, help me to be hospitable so people can feel Your presence when I’m there. In Jesus’ name, Amen!.


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