GO AND PREACH- Wednesday, 28th September, 2016.


Some people think God saved them for themselves especially when they just get saved. However that is not true, when we get saved it is our business to become a witness because that is our Father’s primary assignment.

Now, people define preaching in so many ways, some may believe it is just about talking to people or being on the pulpit but it is far more than that. Blogging about God is preaching, if you’re a photographer you can use your photography to preach the gospel, if you’re a fashion designer, it can be used to draw people to Christ.

Wherever you find yourself you can preach the gospel,  no matter what ministry you’re into, it’s primary purpose should be reconciliation because God has given each of us the ministry of reconciliation -2 Corinthians 5:18.

So every child of God is redeemed to be a soul winner, and even though your ministry might not involve a lot of talking, you will probably get to talk to partners or unsaved clients or even people you come across every day. Witness to someone today, show them the love of God.

It ought to be from a place of love though because whatever we do for God, if there’s no love involved then we haven’t really done anything.

I pray that your love for God will be renewed today.


Prayer: Lord, fill me with Your love today, so I can mirror You to the world. Help me to witness and represent You lord wherever I may find myself. In Jesus’ name, Amen!


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