BE DILIGENT!- Sunday, 25th September, 2016.


Diligence is hard to find these days, people want to make it in life but they look for quick ways to do so. You find a lot of people trying to sell themselves on Instagram when they have nothing to offer but their looks, extravagance and lifestyle. They don’t add any value to people or make any impact.

The truth is that when you look at people who have impacted their world even though they are not Christians, they are diligent people. Take Bill Gates for example, the owner of Microsoft, it takes diligence to get there. Success cannot fall on your laps.

If people in the world can be diligent how much more we, who have the God and our helper the Holy Spirit helping us. We can do much more, we can be much more. Wherever we find ourselves we ought to dominate. Someone said that if you’re a Christian and an unbeliever is doing better than you in a field you’re called in then you are a failure. God calls us the light of the world and the salt of the earth that means  the world ought to be meeting us for solutions and not the other way round. They should be drawn to our light, they should say “I want to know this God you’re saving” and not them inviting you to a night club.  Christians ought to walk in dominion, but it takes diligence to get there. I pray that the even as you are reading this, the spirit of diligence comes upon you. It takes a diligent woman to stand before royalty. Look Esther, before she could stand before the king and become royalty herself; she was a hardworking person. I see that spirit that was in Esther coming upon you right now!

Prayer: Lord, I must live a life that would bring glory to Your name and draw people to your kingdom but I need diligence to do that. Holy Spirit, pour out the spirit of diligence upon me afresh, till it begins to overflow and run over, like Esther, I want to stand before kings and not men! In Jesus’ name, AMEN!


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