WRITE THE VISION- Saturday, 24th September, 2016.


Writing a God given vision is so so important. When God speaks DO NOT think that because you have the mind of Christ you can remember everything because you won’t. Write it down, make it plain, so you can read it and walk in line with the vision.

Writing it down helps you to focus, so you don’t think you are called to be a writer one day and believe God is calling you to be a Pastor the next.

Writing it down also helps you to keep the faith, believe me challenges that want to shake your faith will come but when you have written it down, you remember God’s promises and joy fills your heart and strength to carry on is released from God.

Also, your vision involves people, so writing it down makes it easy to show people and communicate the vision to them. It enhances credibility because when you write it down, you probably include the date and the day and it makes the vision more believable.

A friend of mine showed my something he wrote down years ago and we discussed about it but as soon as he took his book out and showed me in writing, I got more interested and enthusiastic because he wrote it down and made it plain.

I encourage you if you don’t have one already to get a vision book, or a journal to write what God says down. Believe me, it helps!


PRAYER: Dear Lord, It is important to write the vision down, help me to write it in such a way that it can be understood by me and a third party. I don’t want to lose your plan for me due to carelessness and laziness, so help me Lord, in Jesus’ name. Amen!

The Mensa Otabil 20 year plan blessed me immensely and it will bless you to #makeitforJesus #doitforJesus #representingChrist #since2013

The link for the sermon is here.

Find the PDF Document here.

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