FAITHFUL IS HE- Friday, 23rd September, 2016.


Are you one of those people that love to have everything figured out? I’m sure you’re not alone. Sometimes, God gives someone a vision of her life and she believes that it is left to her to bring it to pass, she begins to stress about it and may think she is not doing enough. But God is saying faithful is I who calls you and I will also do it.

That doesn’t mean that we don’t have our part to play but it means that we should not leave God out of it but He should be the centre of the vision.

He will strengthen us to play our part, everything we do should come from Him, it is not by out power or our might but it is by Hid spirit. You can’t fulfil God’s vision for your life by yourself that is why It is God’s vision and not your ambition. You need His help so you don’t wear yourself out. The devil’s plan is to wear you out and make you feel like a failure but he will not succeed in Jesus’ name!

Commit the vision into His hands and He’ll definitely establish your plans. I see God establishing your plans by His mighty sovereign hands.


Prayer:Lord Jesus, I surrender all to you and I lean not on my own understanding. Have your way in my plans and I ask for your wisdom and strength to fulfil my destiny in Christ. Holy Spirit lead me into all truth on my path to fulfilling destiny, In Jesus’ name, AMEN!






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