KEEP IT IN YOUR HEART.- Thursday, 15th September 2016.

September 15.jpg

If you study the book of Luke, you’ll realise that Mary didn’t quite say what  God said to her through the angel. People saw and recognised the hand of God on her and even the angels. In Luke 1:42-45, Elizabeth is the one that speaks concerning Mary, though she was inspired by the Holy Ghost.

And in Luke 2:19, despite the very profound visit from the angel, she controlled herself enough to keep all of these thing in her heart, she meditated on God’s promises. Remember, the bible says the book of the law shouldn’t depart from our heart but we should meditate therein day and night. That’s what Mary did, she believed in what the Angel told her and she kept it in her heart and allow it to sink in.

She didn’t go around telling people about what God said to her. The devil can use people to instill fear or doubt in us when God has showed us something.  That doesn’t mean you cannot share your vision with trusted godly people but be careful and be prayerful.

It is wise to first pray and seek wisdom from God before you go around telling the world. Even though you discuss with a mentor, pastor or friend, be like Mary and keep all things in your heart. Never let go of your dreams, it might not look possible now but keep them in your heart and trust God to bring what He says. (See 1 Thessalonians 5:24)


Prayer: Lord, remind me of your promises, let them be continually in my heart, even when I have to share, lead me to the people that would inspire and motivate me and not people that would suck out the faith I have in you and the dreams that you give to me. In Jesus’ name, Amen!


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